Cancellation Fee

A £25 cancellation fee is charged for any bookings cancelled with less that 24 hours notice

GBP 25.00   Buy now

AUDIO: Teen Anxiety Release

An audio to support the release of worries and mild anxiety in teenagers

GBP 4.99   Buy now

Teen Anxiety 4 week Programme

4 weeks of effective treatment for anxiety for your teenager

GBP 145.00   Buy now

Reiki Session (single)

1 x sessions

GBP 45.00   Buy now

BWRT Children's Session

BrainWorking Recursive Therapy Session (5-14years)

GBP 45.00   Buy now

LEGO®-Based Therapy Course

12 week LEGO®-Based Therapy Course

GBP 180.00   Buy now

BWRT Programme (Network Rate)

Network Payment Option

GBP 60.00   Buy now

Book: BWRT Single Session

Book an individual BWRT session

GBP 75.00   Buy now

Book: BWRT Double Session

Book a double BWRT session (2 sessions)

GBP 140.00   Buy now

BWRT - 4 week Programme

4 weeks to a happier you

GBP 275.00   Buy now

Depression/Stress Programme (5 weeks)

A 5 week programme to support stress/depression

GBP 325.00   Buy now

Eating Disorders Treatment Programme (5 week)

A 5 week programme to support those wishing to recover from an eating disorder

GBP 325.00   Buy now

SUMMER OFFER - Children's Pack

Child Summer Offer

GBP 70.00   Buy now

SUMMER OFFER - Reiki Sessions

Relax and rebalance your energy

GBP 35.00   Buy now

SUMMER OFFER - Teen Package

3 treatment sessions for your teen

GBP 120.00   Buy now

SUMMER OFFER - Adult Package

BWRT Session

GBP 200.00   Buy now

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